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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

In many cases, projects are imported into your OnBase solution when submitter users upload their projects using the Plan Review website. However, you can also create a project manually in the Unity Client, if needed.

To create a new project in the Unity Client:

  1. From the Plan Review ribbon, click the New button.

    The New Project dialog box is displayed.

  2. Enter a name for your project in the Project Name field.
  3. Enter an alternate ID number for the project in the Alternate ID field.
  4. Select a submitter user account from the External Account drop-down list to be assigned to the project.
  5. Select a review type for your project from the Review Type drop-down list.
  6. Select a project group to be assigned to the project from the Project Group drop-down list.
  7. Specify the appropriate start date in the Start Date field.
  8. Click OK. The project is added to your OnBase system, but it does not yet contain any documents. To add documents to your new project, continue to Adding Documents to a Project.