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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

Standard comments are pre-defined comments that are created by a system administrator. Standard comments can provide a convenient way to quickly add often-used comments to projects.


Depending on the configuration of your system, standard comments may not be available.

To add a standard comment at the project level:

  1. Select the Plan Review tab. The Plan Review ribbon is displayed.
  2. Open the Plan Review project to add comments to.
  3. From the Project ribbon group, click Review Comments.

    The Plan Review Comments pane is displayed.

  4. Click the Add Standard Comment(s) button.

    The Standard Comment dialog box is displayed.

  5. Select a department from the Department drop-down list. This is the department to which the comment is assigned. If the department is left blank, the first value in the drop-down list is selected. The department that is selected is retained in the next new comment.

    If you typically create comments from a single department, you can click the Set as Default Department button (the pushpin icon to the right of the Department drop-down list) to set the currently selected department as your default. When you create a new comment, the Department field is automatically populated with your default department even if a different department was selected in a previously created note.

  6. Select the Review Type or the Department option to filter the list of comments by these filter types. When selected, only comments mapped to the current department and/or review type are displayed.
  7. Select the comments you want to add to the project. You can add more than one standard comment at a time. Comments already applied to the project display Yes in the Assigned column.

    You can preview the full text of a comment by hovering your mouse over the Comment Text field of the selected comment.

  8. Click Apply. All selected comments are added to the selected project.