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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

Once you have finished reviewing all project documents and no problems have been found, you can generate a project approval letter to be transmitted to the project submitter.

To generate a project letter:

  1. Click the Plan Review tab. The Plan Review layout is displayed.
  2. In the Available Projects pane, click the Search Projects tab.
  3. Specify your desired search criteria.
  4. Click Find. The search results list is displayed.
  5. Select a project from the search results list.
  6. From the Project View pane, select the Approved Plan Documents folder.
  7. On the Plan Review ribbon, in the Create ribbon group, click Create Letter.
  8. Select the desired letter template for the project letter. A project letter is generated and saved in the Approved Plan Documents folder.

    This letter is saved as a Microsoft Word document. If you would rather store this document as a PDF, see Converting a Word Document to a PDF Document.