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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

Once a set of Plan Review documents have been reviewed, they must be published onto the Plan Review site so the submitter can review your comments and markups. You can also publish generated documents like plan sets and project letters onto the Plan Review site.

To prepare a Plan Review document for publication to the Plan Review site, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Plan Review tab. The Plan Review window is displayed.
  2. Specify your desired search criteria in the Search Project section, then click Find.
  3. Select a project from the list, then select one of the following folders from the Project View section:
    • Select the Approved Plan Documents folder to publish documents that have been reviewed and approved.

    • Select the Review Cycle Documents folder to publish documents that have one or more issues that must be corrected before they can be approved.

  4. Select one or more project documents.
  5. Select Publish. The selected documents are published to the Plan Review site and can be accessed by the project submitter.

    After a document has been published to the Plan Review site, it will be available for view/download by the project submitter. If you need to remove a document from the Plan Review site for any reason, you can do so by selecting the document and clicking Unpublish.