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Electronic Plan Review

Electronic Plan Review
Foundation 23.1

Your Plan Review contact list is used to store contact information for every person that has a significant level of involvement with any of your projects. This could include a project's architect, an engineer, or a subcontractor. Any contact in your contact list can be assigned to one or more projects before it is submitted for review.

To add a new contact to your Plan Review account:

  1. Click the Settings tab. The Settings window is displayed.
  2. Click the Contacts tab.
  3. Click Add Contact. The New Contact window is displayed.
  4. Enter the information for your new contact:




    Select the company the contact is affiliated with from the drop-down list. If the contact's company does not yet exist, see Adding Company Information.

    First Name

    Enter the contact's first name. This is a required field.

    Middle Name

    Enter the contact's middle name.

    Last Name

    Enter the contact's last name. This is a required field.

    Use Company Address

    Select the Copy button to copy the selected company's address to the contact address fields.


    Enter the contact's address.

    Address 2

    Enter the contact's address.


    Enter the contact's city.

    State / Province / Region

    Enter the contact's state, province, or region.

    Postal Code

    Enter the contact's ZIP or Postal Code.

    Business Phone

    Enter the contact's business phone number.

    Cell Phone

    Enter the contact's cell phone number.


    Enter the contact's email address.

  5. Click Add. The contact's information is added to your Contact list.

    Contacts in your Contact list must be manually assigned to the projects they are associated with. For more information on assigning a contact to a project, see Assigning Someone to a Project Role.