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Encrypted Alpha Keywords

Encrypted Alpha Keywords
Foundation 22.1

If you encounter a scenario in which you need to remove encryption from encrypted Keyword Types (e.g., if you are using an Encrypted Alpha Keywords pilot license that has expired and encrypted Keyword Values are not displaying properly), you can decrypt existing encrypted Keyword Values in your system.

To decrypt values for an encrypted Keyword Type:

  1. Apply the -ROMANZO switch to the Configuration module shortcut before launching the Configuration module.

    Before using features enabled by the -ROMANZO switch, ensure that you understand the feature and implications of any changes to your system. Contact your service provider with any questions regarding these features. Features enabled by the -ROMANZO switch should not be made available to the casual user. Remove the -ROMANZO switch after completing necessary actions.

  2. Lock your database.
    For instructions on locking your database, see the System Administration documentation. Additionally, no server processes should be running against the OnBase system when re-encrypting Keyword Types. The time that the decryption process takes depends on the number of Keyword Values, and whether the Keyword Type is part of a Keyword Type Group.
  3. In the Configuration module, select Keyword | Keyword Types.
  4. Select a Keyword Type that has already been configured to use Keyword Type encryption.
  5. The Decrypt Values button is enabled:
  6. Click Decrypt Values.
  7. OnBase removes encryption for the selected Keyword Type. Keyword Values for that Keyword Type are no longer encrypted.
  8. Unlock your database.
  9. Remove the -ROMANZO switch from the Configuration module shortcut and either close or re-launch the Configuration module.