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Encrypted Alpha Keywords

Encrypted Alpha Keywords
Foundation 22.1

This section includes information relevant to Encrypted Alpha Keywords when upgrading OnBase.

Keywords encrypted using the Encrypt Keyword - 256 AES option cannot be viewed in OnBase versions earlier than 14. Incremental, parallel upgrades should be planned accordingly to avoid any conflicts.

If a database upgrade to Unicode is incomplete or completed unsuccessfully, Encrypted Alpha Keywords are displayed as read-only and cannot be edited until the database upgrade is completed successfully.

If you changed any of the database account passwords from their default values you are required to provide the passwords before you can upgrade your OnBase solution. The database account passwords can be rotated during Key Encryption Key (KEK) rotation.

Upgrading After KEK Rotation

Upgrading OnBase is not part of the Key Encryption Key (KEK) rotation process. However, when you rotate the KEK used by OnBase, you are required to take additional steps when upgrading your OnBase solution. Your upgraded OnBase solution will not function until you complete the KEK rotation process.


Do not upgrade the database until you have completed the KEK rotation. If you upgrade the database, you can no longer log into the database using the old Configuration executable, which is required to complete the KEK rotation. For complete details on upgrading OnBase after rotating the KEK see the Encrypted Alpha Keywords module reference guide.