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Encrypted Alpha Keywords

Encrypted Alpha Keywords
Foundation 23.1

The cryptographic keys used to encrypt Keyword Types are managed internally within OnBase. OnBase administrators can re-encrypt, or rotate the cryptographic keys used to encrypt, existing encrypted Keyword Types. This generates a new encryption key for the Keyword Type and stores it back into OnBase.

To rotate the keys used to encrypt the Keyword Types:

  1. Lock your database.
    For instructions on locking your database, see the System Administration documentation. Additionally, no server processes should be running against the OnBase system when re-encrypting Keyword Types. The time that the re-encryption process takes depends on the number of Keyword Values, and whether the Keyword Type is part of a Keyword Type Group.
  2. In the Configuration module, select Keyword | Keyword Types.
  3. Select a Keyword Type that has already been configured to use Keyword Type encryption.
  4. The Re-Encrypt Values button is enabled:
  5. Click Re-Encrypt Values.
  6. OnBase generates a new encryption key for the Keyword Type and stores it back into OnBase. All existing Keyword Values stored in OnBase will be re-encrypted with the newly rotated key.

    Keyword Types are re-encrypted using the same encryption method selected at configuration. Keyword Types encrypted previous to OnBase 14 use the 128 AES encryption method.

  7. Unlock your database.