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Encrypted Alpha Keywords

Encrypted Alpha Keywords
Foundation 23.1

Encrypted AutoFill Keyword Sets must be enabled by selecting Enable Encrypted AutoFill Keysets under the Database settings in the OnBase Configuration module. After encrypted AutoFill Keyword Sets have been enabled, the Enable Encrypted AutoFill Keysets drop-down menu option is no longer available for selection. See the System Administration module reference guide for more information.


External AutoFill Keyword Sets are not encrypted because they are not stored in the OnBase database.

If encrypted AutoFill Keyword Sets are enabled, Keyword values in AutoFill Keyword Sets are also encrypted, decrypted, and re-encrypted when those functions are performed for Encrypted Alpha Keywords.

The following limitations should be noted with encrypted AutoFill Keyword Sets:

  • Partially filled Keyword values cannot be used to complete AutoFill Keyword Sets with encrypted values. Encrypted AutoFill Keyword Sets require the full value to complete the related Keyword Type values.

  • Partially filled values and wildcards cannot be used to perform a View Search to locate an AutoFill Keyword Set that contains encrypted values.

  • Wildcard characters cannot be used with encrypted AutoFill Keyword Sets.

  • Reverse AutoFill Keyword Set lookups work correctly with encrypted Keyword Types as long as the entire secondary value is searched. Partial terms and terms with wildcards cannot be used to search from secondary values.