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Event Relay Server

Event Relay Server
Foundation 22.1

You can purge the event logs created by the Event Relay Server service. These service logs record information about the events that have been delivered to the external listener.

To purge service logs:

  1. Select Event Relay Server | Maintenance from the Utils menu. The Event Relay Server Maintenance dialog is displayed.
  2. Select the logs to purge:
    • Purge All Log Entries: Remove all logs created by the Event Relay Server.

    • Purge All Before Specific Date: Remove all logs that were created by the Event Relay Server before the date selected.

  3. If you are only purging logs created before a specific date, click the drop-down list to display a graphical calendar from which you can select the date.
  4. Click Purge. The logs specified are purged from the system.

    Purging completely removes the service logs from the system. You cannot recover purged service logs.