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Event Relay Server

Event Relay Server
Foundation 22.1

In Remote Desktop environments, a remote session is established in which the user is running applications that are not installed locally. This presents a challenge when an application, such as OnBase, requires a user-specific INI file to establish unique settings. In a Remote Desktop environment, you must ensure that each user has a single, unique INI file to make sure any user-specific settings are consistent for that user.


The default location of the OnBase INI file is not unique in a Remote Desktop environment.

To ensure that the INI file is accessible by OnBase and unique to each user in a Remote Desktop environment, the -INIFILE command line switch must be applied to the OnBase Client and Configuration shortcuts and be set to a unique location for the INI file.


Additional details regarding the deployment of OnBase in a remote desktop environment is discussed in detail in the Citrix and Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Environment Deployment Guide, available from your first line of support.