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Event Relay Server

Event Relay Server
Foundation 22.1

If you have already created a connection string in the .config file, you can use the Web Application Management Console to make changes to the data source connection information in the connection string.

To modify a connection string:

  1. In the Web Application Management Console, open the Application Server web.config file by clicking Open Web Application and selecting the Application Server from the list of web applications.

    Opening the Application Server web.config file is required to access the connection strings configuration utility, even if you are not configuring the Application Server.

  2. Select Connection Strings | View Contexts. The connection strings dialog box is displayed.
    If you are configuring an application or service other than the Application Server, follow these additional steps to open the appropriate .config file:
    1. Select File | Configuration Path.
    2. Browse to open the .config file for the application or service.

      You can also apply the -CONFIGPATH command line switch to the Web Application Management Console shortcut to directly open a .config file in the connection strings dialog box. See the command line switches section of the Web Application Management Console documentation for more information.

    The connection strings dialog box allows you to configure connection strings.
  3. To encrypt all connection strings configured in the application's .config file, ensure the Options | Encrypt Connection Strings menu option is selected. This option is automatically selected by default every time you open the connection string dialog box, and the connection strings are encrypted when the .config file is saved.

    It is strongly recommended to encrypt the connection strings. If they are not encrypted, all data source connection information is visible in the .config file and could expose sensitive data, including any entered database user names and passwords.

  4. Select the item you want to modify in the Data Sources list. The configured connection string information for that data source is displayed in the fields on the right.
  5. Modify the connection string fields and options as needed.
  6. Click Test Connection to test whether the entered information forms a valid connection string.
  7. Click Update to save the changes to the connection string.
  8. Select File | Save to save the .config file.
  9. Select File | Close to exit the connection strings dialog box.