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Event Relay Server

Event Relay Server
Foundation 22.1

If the data being transferred by Event Relay Server includes Keyword Values that contain extended characters not allowed in XML, Event Relay Server will return an HTTP code of 6 and fail.

To resolve this problem:

  1. Locate the Hyland.Core.Notification.NTService.exe.config file. Depending on how the Event Relay Server server was installed, this could be in its own directory or could be in the bin directory of the OnBase Application Server.
  2. Open the Hyland.Core.Notification.NTService.exe.config file in a plain-text editor, such as Notepad.

    Do not use a binary editor, such as Microsoft Word, to edit the .config file.

  3. Locate <add key="useCDataBlocks" under NOTIFICATION SERVICE PARAMETER CONFIGURATION and set the value to true. This ensures that all data values are wrapped in CDATA blocks in the XML messages used by Event Relay Server and allows extended characters to be included in the XML messages.

    Depending on the XML parser used by the listener created for use with Event Relay Server, CDATA blocks may not be allowed.

  4. Save and close the .config file.
  5. Restart the Event Relay Server Service to apply the changes.