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Event Relay Server

Event Relay Server
Foundation 22.1

The Event Relay Server is a .NET-based Windows Service that provides the ability to relay internal OnBase document event information to third-party line-of-business applications. The method of communication used by the Event Relay Server to notify the applications is HTTP v1.1 using the POST method.

The event information relayed is contained in an XML 1.0 message that must follow a defined schema. Both OnBase and the third-party application must be configured to allow the communication: OnBase must be configured to send notifications to the listening applications, and those applications must be configured to receive, parse, and respond to the notifications.

The Event Relay Server polls the configured OnBase data source for document event data and sends event notifications to the configured URLs. The configuration file allows administrators to specify database connection information for the service, and to fine-tune the performance of the Event Relay Server, such as the polling interval at which the service queries the database and sends notifications.