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Foundation 22.1

For modern Windows operating systems, the default location of the onbase32.ini file is C:\ProgramData\Hyland Software. For previous versions of OnBase running on older operating systems, the default location of the onbase32.ini file was C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Hyland Software.


To maintain backwards compatibility with previous versions of OnBase, OnBase checks the workstation's C:\Windows folder for the OnBase INI file if it is not found in the folder specified above. If the OnBase INI file is found in the C:\Windows folder, OnBase copies the file to the new location. The previously existing version of the OnBase INI file remains in the C:\Windows folder, but it is no longer used by OnBase.

Your onbase32.ini file may reside in a different location, if that location is specified by the following command line switch on the OnBase Client shortcut target:

-INIFILE= "full path\filename", where full path and filename are replaced by the specific path and file name.

If this command line switch is not used and you move or rename your onbase32.ini file, OnBase recreates the file in the default folder and ignores the newly created file.