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Exception Reports

Exception Reports
Foundation 22.1

The Exception Reports module allows you to quickly discover missing or incomplete documents within a series of related documents. One document in the series is designated as a base document, which is often the document that begins your company's association with a customer. Other secondary documents are then tested to see if they are related to the base document, based on a Keyword value. The Exception Reports module can then report on missing or incomplete secondary documents. The power and flexibility of this module allows it to handle anything from expense reports and their related receipts to more complicated document requirements, such as loan processing.

The Exception Reports module provides access to two types of reports: Basic Exception Reports and Advanced Exception Reports.

  • Basic Exception Reports provide fewer options and allow for one related Document Type. Basic Exception Reports can perform powerful functions, like comparing the sum of Keyword values on related documents to a single value on the base document. This makes the module ideal for situations in which an expense report must be matched with related receipts.

  • Advanced Exception Reports allow for multiple secondary document types, increasing the flexibility and functionality of the module. For example, based on a Keyword value on a base document, Advanced Exception Reports can track whether multiple, related documents are found. In addition, you can specify a range of document dates to include in a search. To prevent the system from continually reporting new documents as missing, you can specify a period of time to wait before reporting that a related document is missing.