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Exception Reports

Exception Reports
Foundation 22.1

Advanced Exception Reports compare more than two Document Types; they can report on documents from both a base Document Type and multiple secondary Document Types (a one-to-many relationship). Advanced Exception Reports will find any missing documents.

For example, a bank has several loan applications on file that have related documents, such as titles, credit reports, and surveys. All of these items can be retrieved via matching Keyword Types, such as a loan application number, that exists on all Document Types. A code Keyword can be used to distinguish between different types of loan applications, such as a house, education, or car loan application. The bank decided that the number 20 will equal an education loan and 30 will equal a car loan. The code Keyword value assigned tells the system which documents to expect for each type of loan. An education loan has four corresponding documents, but a car loan only has three corresponding documents. Any missing documents for each loan type are reported. Advanced Exception Reports also allow users to place Ticklers on documents to bring attention to such tasks as renewals, re-certifications, and the like.