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Exception Reports

Exception Reports
Foundation 22.1

Basic Exception Reports can indicate a missing secondary document relating to a base document (a one-to-one relationship). For example, a shipping company decides to track shipping labels to determine the receipt of packages. There are two document types: shipping labels (base) and receipts (secondary). The unique matching Keyword found on both documents is the shipment number. If 100 packages were shipped with their respective shipping labels, and only 99 receipts were returned, the Basic Exception Report would indicate the missing receipt, as well as the shipment number for the missing receipt. This allows the shipping company to effectively follow-up with the driver or the customer to determine what happened to the missing receipt or whether the delivery actually occurred.

In addition, amount Keywords on secondary documents can be totaled against the amount Keyword on the base document. If the sum of the amounts on the secondary documents does not match the amount on the base document, the report will reflect such discrepancies.