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Express Scanning

Express Scanning
Foundation 23.1

Express Scanning can be used to Print to OnBase(i.e., to capture documents printed by the Virtual Print Driver in order to, depending on your configuration, classify, index and upload the document to OnBase).


This requires that your OnBase solution be licensed for the Virtual Print Driver and that the Virtual Print Driver is installed and configured on an Express Scanning workstation.

Your Print to OnBase solution may be configured to run in interactive mode or non-interactive mode.

  • Non-Interactive Mode. In this configuration, Express Scanning is configured to run as a service. Documents that are printed by the Virtual Print Driver are captured by the Hyland Express Scanning Listener Service and are automatically classified and uploaded to OnBase without any user intervention. The Express Scanning client does not need to be open on the Express Scanning workstation.

  • Interactive Mode. In this configuration, the Express Scanning client, when running on the Express Scanning workstation, is configured to automatically detect and capture documents printed by the Virtual Print Driver.

    You are given the option to select a Document Type button for the captured document, or, depending on your configuration, a button may automatically be selected.

    Depending on the Document Type button's configuration, you may be prompted to select a Document Type and/or enter Keyword Values for the document.

    Once this information is entered, the document is automatically uploaded to OnBase.


When Document Type buttons are configured to import documents via a scan queue, the Print to OnBase functionality allows you a quick and easy way to route documents from remote locations to an OnBase scan queue for additional processing (e.g., bar code processing, Advanced Capture, Full Page OCR, etc.).