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Express Scanning

Express Scanning
Foundation 23.1

One master configuration file must be created for the entire Express Scanning solution. The master configuration file contains all of the configuration information needed for the Express Scanning solution, including all general configuration information, logon information, button information, scan format information, and location information.

Configuration information is downloaded to each Express Scanning workstation when a user logs on. The location of the master configuration file is stored in the local configuration file on each Express Scanning workstation. The master configuration file must exist in a location accessible to all Express Scanning workstations. This location can be a file path or Internet URL.

Configuration information in the master configuration file can be overridden at the workstation level by information in the local configuration file. For more information, see The Local Configuration File.

A sample master configuration file is displayed below:

<CONFIGURATION apptitle="Express Scanning" idlemessage="Select a Document" exitlabel="Exit" exittooltip="Click to exit Express Scanning" timeout="5" printmonitor="true" printstartup="C:\OnBase Printer Spool" />
<LOGIN appserver="http://servername/appserver/service.asmx" datasource="Express_Scanning" ntsecurity="true" interactive="false" domain="" username="" password="" />
<SCANFORMAT formatname="TWAIN" scanmethod="TWAIN" scandevice="Default" kofaxinput="" fileformat="tiff/g4" inputpath="" colormode="b/w" papersize="letter" duplex="false" autofeed="true" showui="false" blankthreshold="0" rotation="0" resolution="200" brightness="0" contrast="0" threshold="0" forceclose="false" nativemode="false" hardwarecompress="true" />
<SCANFORMAT formatname="Sweep" scanmethod="Sweep" scandevice="Default" kofaxinput="" fileformat="tiff/g4" inputpath="C:\Program Files\Hyland\ Express Scanning\Icons" colormode="b/w" papersize="letter" duplex="false" autofeed="true" showui="true" blankthreshold="0" rotation="0" resolution="200" brightness="0" contrast="0" threshold="0" forceclose="false" nativemode="false" hardwarecompress="true" />
<BUTTON name="PACKING SLIPS BUTTON" label="Packing Slips" tooltip="Sweep" height="50" textcolor="0" image="C:\Express Scanning\Packing_slip.bmp" prescantitle="Packing Slips - Sweep" prescanmessage="Prepare Packing Slips to be Swept from Disk. Press OK to continue." documenttype="AP - Packing Slips" scanformat="Sweep" fileformat="" scanqueueid="" unindexed="" postscantitle="Packing Slips - Scan from Disk" postscanmessage="Sweep Complete!" autoselect="true" autoarchive="true">
<KEYWORD keytype="Invoice #" prompt="Enter INVOICE #" title="Invoice #" hidetext="false" numeric="false" allowblank="true" maxchars="10" dateformat="true" />
<KEYWORD keytype="Vendor" prompt="Enter VENDOR" title="Vendor" />
<KEYWORD keytype="Vendor" value="%MacroName%" />
<BUTTON name="INVOICES BUTTON" label="Invoices" tooltip="Sweep Electronic Invoices" textcolor="0" image="C:\Express Scanning\Invoice.bmp" documenttype="AP - Invoices" scanformat="TWAIN" scanqueueid="" unindexed="true">
<KEYWORD keytype="Invoice #" prompt="Enter INVOICE #" title="Invoice #" />
<KEYWORD keytype="Vendor" value="ABC Company" />
<BUTTON name="SHIPPING BUTTON" label="Shipping Labels" tooltip="Scan Shipping Labels" textcolor="0" image="C:\Express Scanning\Shipping Label.jpg" documenttype="AP - Shipping Labels" scanformat="TWAIN" scanqueueid="" unindexed="" />