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Express Scanning

Express Scanning
Foundation 23.1

The BUTTONS element contains all button configuration information for the Express Scanning client. In Express Scanning, each button represents an individual OnBase Document Type and an individual scan format.

The BUTTONS element is made up of one or more BUTTON sub-elements.

<BUTTON name="PACKING SLIPS BUTTON" label="Packing Slips" tooltip="Sweep" height="50" textcolor="0" image="C:\Express Scanning\Packing_slip.bmp" prescantitle="Packing Slips - Sweep" prescanmessage="Prepare Packing Slips to be Swept from Disk. Press OK to continue." documenttype="AP - Packing Slips" scanformat="Sweep" fileformat="2" scanqueueid="0" unindexed="true" postscantitle="Packing Slips - Scan from Disk" postscanmessage="Sweep Complete!" autoselect="true" autoarchive="true">
<Vendor>Computers R Us</Vendor>
<BUTTON name="INVOICES BUTTON" label="Invoices" tooltip="Sweep Electronic Invoices" textcolor="0" image="C:\Express Scanning\Invoice.bmp" documenttype="AP - Invoices" scanformat="TWAIN" fileformat="2" scanqueueid="101" unindexed="true">
<Vendor>Office Supply Warehouse</Vendor>

The order of the buttons, as they are displayed from top-to-bottom in the Express Scanning client, is determined by the order of their associated BUTTON sub-elements in the BUTTONS element.