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Express Scanning

Express Scanning
Foundation 23.1

Express Scanning has a number of applications that can help quickly and easily bring documents into OnBase.

  • Medical personnel can use Express Scanning at the point of care to electronically send documents to another area (HIM, Pharmacy, etc.). This scan-only interface supports capture of clinical documents during a patient stay and links them to an EMR for online retrieval. This is in support of the paperless chart, as well as a front-end order processing Workflow (e.g., Pharmacy Order request).

  • A business with a number of remote offices, such as insurance agencies, can scan documents, such as an application or claim forms, to a central OnBase solution where it can be indexed.

  • A sales agent who works out of the office can use Express Scanning from his/her workstation to upload orders or invoices to a central OnBase solution. The agent's Express Scanning client can be configured to add the agent's name as a default Keyword Value to all documents scanned and uploaded to OnBase.