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Express Scanning

Express Scanning
Foundation 23.1

Express Scanning is a one-touch, remote scanning solution that allows users with no OnBase experience or training to scan and upload documents.

Express Scanning is completely configurable; an administrator can configure each remote location with its own scan formats and Document Type buttons. Each button gives users the ability to scan, sweep, or scan from disk a document to a single Document Type.

Users need only to click the button associated with the type of document they wish to import, and the document is scanned, swept, or scanned from disk and imported into OnBase via the Application Server.

Additionally, if your OnBase solution is also licensed for the Virtual Print Driver, your Express Scanning solution can be configured to Print to OnBase. In a Print to OnBase solution, documents printed by the Virtual Print Driver are automatically captured and uploaded via Express Scanning, with or without user interaction.

Documents can be configured to be ad-hoc imported into OnBase or imported as a batch of a scan queue.

Documents can be uploaded as unindexed, default Keyword Values can be assigned for each Document Type button or individual Keyword Values can be manually entered by the user before scanning.