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Express Scanning

Express Scanning
Foundation 23.1

One of the following licenses is required:

  • Express Scanning

  • Express Scanning(Concurrent)

  • Enterprise Express Scanning

If you plan on routing scanned documents as a batch to a scan queue, you must be licensed for Document Imaging or another module that allows you to configure scan queues.

Additional licensing may be necessary if you will be performing certain types of processing (for example, Bar Code Processing, Advanced Capture, or Full-Page OCR) on these documents once they are routed to a scan queue.

A Virtual Print Driver site license is required, in addition to one or more Express Scanning workstation licenses, to Print to OnBase(that is, to capture documents printed via the Virtual Print Driver and index and upload them to OnBase via Express Scanning).

Check your current licensing status by selecting Utils | Product Licenses from the Configuration module.