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Express Scanning

Express Scanning
Foundation 23.1

The Express Scanning client is composed of two main features, the Document Type Toolbar and the Document Viewer.

  1. The Document Type Toolbar contains the Document Type buttons (used to select the type of document being scanned) and the Exit button.
  2. The Document Viewer displays the image document after it is scanned, scanned from disk or swept before it is uploaded into OnBase.

If a multi-page image document is scanned, scanned from disk, or swept, all pages of the document are displayed as thumbnails in the thumbnail toolbar at the bottom of the Document Viewer and the first page is displayed in detail in the Document Viewer. To display a different page in detail in the Document Viewer, select its thumbnail image in the thumbnail toolbar.


The buttons and labels that are displayed on the Express Scanning client are completely configurable. Those displayed on your Express Scanning client may be different than those displayed in the examples in this documentation.