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Express Scanning

Express Scanning
Foundation 23.1

Scanning from Disk requires Kofax ImageControls or Kofax Software Virtual ReScan (SVRS) with the Adrenaline Image Processing Engine (AIPE).


Unlike some other OnBase scanning modules, Express Scanning cannot be used to scan multiple documents from disk at the same time. Multiple image files can be scanned from disk at once to create one document consisting of all scanned pages, but only one non-image file can be scanned from disk into OnBase at a time.

To scan a document from disk:

  1. The Select Disk Source dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select Scan from Disk from the Source drop-down and click OK. The Browse for Folder dialog box is displayed.
  3. Depending on your configuration, a folder may be selected by default. You can select a different folder and override the folder selected by default.
  4. Click OK. The files in the selected folder are scanned from disk and the image is displayed in the Document Viewer. The Document Type Toolbar is replaced by the Document Complete toolbar.
  5. Review the document displayed in the Document Viewer to ensure that it is correct and that it meets your quality standards.
  6. Click Upload to upload the document to OnBase, click Scan More Pages to scan additional pages to the currently displayed document, or click Delete to discard the document currently displayed in the Document Viewer. If you choose to delete the document, you are prompted to confirm this action.
  7. Depending on your configuration, a post-scan message may be displayed after you select the Upload button.

    The post-scan message's title bar and text are configurable for each Document Type button.