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External Access Client

External Access Client
Foundation 23.1

For additional security, password policies can be configured to enforce strict password requirements for External Access Client users.

Password policies are configured in the Configuration module. For more information on configuring password policies, see the System Administration module reference guide.


When configuring Account Lockout settings in a password policy for the External Access Client, Manual Release by Admin should not be configured. Manual Release by Admin is not supported for the External Access Client.

All External Access Client user groups, including those configured as administrators, Super Users, and normal users, must use the same password policy.


It is recommended that a separate password policy with stricter rules for external users is configured for use with the External Access Client.

A password policy must be assigned to each user group. To assign a password policy to a user group, Override Default Password Policy must be configured for that user group, and the correct policy must be specified. Ensure that the same password policy is configured for each user group that uses the External Access Client.

For more information on user group configuration for password policies, see the System Administration module reference guide.