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External Access Client

External Access Client
Foundation 23.1

In the Tab Settings page of Portal Settings, the Portal Type drop-down list in determines what subscription level is configured for this portal. The selected subscription level determines what StatusView layouts can be configured for the portal.

The following options are available:

  • Read Only- Grants access to StatusView layouts with Custom Query, Folder, Envelopes, External Links, and HTML portlets.

  • Contribute- Grants access to StatusView layouts with all Read Only portlets as well as DKT, E-Forms, and File Upload portlets.

  • Full Access- Grants access to StatusView layouts with all Read Only portlets and all Contribute portlets as well as Workflow, Workflow Dashboard, Workflow Process Statistics, Workflow Queue Activity, Workflow Queue Filter, WorkView Filter, and WorkView Summary portlets.

  • Internal User- Grants access only to internal OnBase users. The portal can be configured for use by existing OnBase users or by external users. When configured for Internal User, existing OnBase users are able to log in to the External Access Client. When configured for Read Only, Contribute, or Full Access, users who do not already exist in OnBase are able to create new accounts and log in to the External Access Client.


The External Access Client can only use IdP if the Portal Type is set to Internal User. For more information on configuring the IdP, see the Identity and Access Management Services module reference guide.

If the subscription level is changed to a lower subscription level than was previously selected, some StatusView layouts that were previously enabled may no longer be available for the portal. If a StatusView layout belongs to a layout type that is higher than the selected subscription level, it must be disabled for the portal before configuration changes can be saved.


Changing the Portal Type may affect billing.