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External Access Client

External Access Client
Foundation 23.1

User Administration is not available if the portal type is set to Internal User.

Administrators can delete users, activate and deactivate users, grant users Super User privileges, or remove Super User privileges from users in the Users tab of Portal Settings.

The Users tab displays user information including the users' e-mail address, real name, and whether or not the user has Super User privileges.

You can search for users by entering text into the Search field and clicking the magnifying glass icon. You can clear the Search field by clicking the X icon.

To delete, lock, unlock, or manage Super User privileges for a user, select the check box next to the user's name.

You can edit the information for a single user by clicking Edit User and accessing the Edit User Information page. See Editing User Information.


The Edit User button is disabled if more than one user is selected.

To delete a user, click Delete Selected.

To lock a user, click Lock User. The user's account is not deleted, but the user can no longer log on to the External Access Client. When a user is locked, (Locked) appears next to the user's e-mail address. To unlock a user, select the locked user and click Unlock User.

Click Grant Super User or Revoke Super User buttons to add or remove Super User privileges for the selected user or users. Granting a user Super User privileges adds the user to the designated user group for Super Users. Revoking Super User privileges removes the user from that user group.

If a user's account becomes locked, for instance if an incorrect password is entered more than 5 times, a Super User or administrator can unlock a locked account. To unlock a locked user account, select the locked user and click Unlock User.


If a user was added only to the user group designated for Super Users upon creation, and you revoke Super User rights for that user, you must add that user to another user group in order for that user to have access to the portal.