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External Access Client

External Access Client
Foundation 23.1

The Edit User Information page allows you to edit the information for a single user.

In the First Name, Last Name, and Email address fields, you can update the name and email address of a user. Click Update Personal Information to save any changes.

You can add or remove a user from the Super User group by clicking Add/Remove Super User.

You can unlock a locked user or lock an unlocked user by clicking Lock/Unlock User.

You can change a user's assigned user groups in the User Groups section. To assign a User Group, double-click on a group in the Available Groups list. To unassign a User Group, double-click on a group in the Assigned Groups list.

You can delete a user by clicking Delete User. The message Are you sure you want to delete this user? is displayed. Click OK to delete the user, or click Cancel to stop deleting the user.


If you delete a user in the Edit User Information page, you will be returned to Portal Settings.

When you are finished editing a user's information, click OK to return to Portal Settings.