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External Mail Services

External Mail Services
Foundation 22.1

The following are common mistakes that are often encountered:

The file is not in the system path:

Verify that the nnotes.dll file is in the system path. Most applications place their required DLL files into system directories, but Lotus Notes places the DLLs in their application directory. On the Lotus Notes tab enter the path to the nnotes.dll file in the Environment Variables Path field. Enter your Lotus Notes password in the Password field. Verify it by typing it again in the Re-enter Password field. Close the Workstation Options dialog box to save your changes.

The path to the file and are not correct:

If OnBase cannot obtain a Lotus Notes session using the settings specified under Workstation Options, all External Mail Services menu options will be disabled. If the above issues are not causing your problem, an incorrect password or USER.ID path is the likely cause.