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External Mail Services

External Mail Services
Foundation 23.1

The mapisvc.inf file acts as the central database for MAPI message service configuration information. mapisvc.inf contains information about each of the message services installed on the workstation, information about the service providers that belong to each message service, and information about the MAPI subsystem. mapisvc.inf is the primary source of information for profiles. That is, when a new profile is being built or an existing one modified, relevant information for each message service or service provider is copied from mapisvc.inf. mapisvc.inf is divided into linked hierarchical sections:

The first section contains information that applies to all profiles. This section has three parts:

  • [Services] provides links to each of the subsequent message service sections.

  • [Help File Mappings] contains information about .HLP files provided by message services.

  • [Default Services] lists message services that make up a default installation.

The second section contains information that applies to individual message services. Entries in these sections provide links to subsequent service provider sections.

The third section contains information that applies to individual service providers in a message service.