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External Mail Services

External Mail Services
Foundation 23.1

OnBase allows you to send documents to persons outside of the system using External Mail Services systems, such as the following third-party email systems:

  • Supported versions of Microsoft Outlook ®

  • Novell GroupWise ®

  • IBM Notes ®

  • SMTP/POP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

The OnBase External Mail Services functionality allows a user to:

  • Initiate External Mail Services from an open document, an envelope or selected document(s).

  • Instantly send an email message with one or more documents attached through a right-click option. You can also use send a message by using the File | Send To option.

  • Elect to send image and PCL documents in their native format using the Send To | Advanced Mail option.

  • Elect to send a range of pages in a multi-page image document using the Send To| Advanced Mail option.

  • Elect to convert an image to a PDF and send it using the Send To | Advanced Mail option. The PDF can be encrypted or unencrypted.

  • Send selected text from a document as an email attachment using the appropriate OnBase Toolbar button or right-click menu option.

  • Send a document that is stored in the system as an .xml document/.xsl style sheet combination, to an external recipient as an email attachment in .html format. This ensures the correct display attributes of the document to the recipient. You can also send the document as .xml code without the style sheet.

  • Use SMTP/POP settings to send emails and attachments.

External Mail Services is available to all users that have rights to the documents and have rights to External Mail Services. This improves customer service response times significantly. Documents can be emailed directly to customers in real time from the user's workstation, instead of having to print and mail the document.


Constraints imposed on attached documents by the document imaging system will not apply when viewed via an external email system. Specifically, documents restricted by security and/or user rights in the document imaging system (via the Retrieve dialog box or internal mail) will not be restricted when sent via External Mail Services.