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Gateway Caching Server

Gateway Caching Server
Foundation 23.1

To create a rule for a Document Type:

  1. In OnBase Configuration, select Document | Document Types.
  2. Select the Document Type you want to configure.
  3. Click Gateway. The Gateway Caching Server dialog box is displayed.
  4. Click Keyword. The Keyword Value dialog box is displayed.
  5. Click Create to create a new rule. The Keyword Configuration dialog box is displayed.

    The Create button is unavailable if a value is currently selected. Click Clear to clear the current selection and enable the Create button.

  6. Select the gateway where the Document Type should be cached.
  7. Select the Keyword Type on which the rule should be based.
  8. Type the Keyword Value that must be present on documents you want to cache.

    For a document to be cached, the Keyword Value on the document must exactly match the Keyword Value specified here, including case. If you select a mixed-case Keyword Type, you are able to configure a mixed-case value here.