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Gateway Caching Server

Gateway Caching Server
Foundation 23.1

Using OnBase Configuration, you must configure each Gateway Caching Server installed on your network.


Each gateway consumes an Gateway Caching Server license. You cannot create more gateways than your system is licensed for.

  1. In OnBase Configuration, select Utils | Gateway Caching Server. The Gateway Caching Server Configuration dialog box is displayed.
  2. Type a name for the new gateway in the field provided.
  3. Click Create. The new gateway is added to the list.
  4. Click Settings to display the Gateway Caching Server Settings dialog box.
  5. Update each setting's value, as described in the following table:



    Poll Interval In Minutes

    Enter the number of minutes between each time the Gateway Caching Server polls to cache or re-cache documents.

    Valid values range from 1–9999.

    Days Until Document Expiration

    Enter the number of days before a document expires and is eligible to be removed from the cache. A document's age is based on the day it was cached. Valid values range from 1–9999.

    Expired documents are removed only when the Max Cache Size has been exceeded. See the description of the Max Cache Size setting for more information.

    Documents are automatically removed from the cache if they have been deleted in OnBase.

    Max Cache Size (GB)

    Enter the maximum size allowed for the cache (in GB). Valid values range from 1–9999.

    The Gateway Caching Server runs a cleanup process once per hour. If the cache grows too large, then the cleanup process removes all expired documents.

    If the cache is still too large, then the cleanup process removes all documents older than half the Days Until Document Expiration setting. For example, suppose document expiration is set to 30 days. If the cache is still too large after expired documents are removed, then documents older than 15 days are removed.

    If the cache size is too large after the cleanup process runs, then you may need to increase the Max Cache Size or add more disk space.

  6. Click Save.