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Gateway Caching Server

Gateway Caching Server
Foundation 23.1

Complete the following steps to exclude one or more Document Types from being cached at a specific gateway:

  1. In OnBase Configuration, select Utils | Gateway Caching Server. The Gateway Caching Server Configuration dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select the gateway you want to configure.
  3. Click Exclude. The Exclude dialog box is displayed.
  4. If necessary, select a Document Type Group to filter the list of Document Types.
  5. From the Available list, select the Document Types that should not be cached at this gateway.
    • To individually select multiple Document Types, press CTRL as you click each one.

    • To select multiple consecutive Document Types, either click and drag your pointer over them, or select the first Document Type, and then press SHIFT as you select the last Document Type.

  6. Click Add to move the selected Document Types to the Excluded list.
  7. Click Close when finished.