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Gateway Caching Server

Gateway Caching Server
Foundation 23.1

OnBase Studio Workflow configuration provides an action named Add Document to Gateway Caching Server, which can cache Workflow documents at specific gateways.


The Add Document to Gateway Caching Server action can be configured only using OnBase Studio; it is not available in OnBase Configuration. For information about configuring life cycles and actions, see the Workflow module reference guide.

When this action is executed, the document is cached at one or more remote Gateway Caching Servers, allowing remote users to quickly retrieve the document on demand.


This action is not supported in the Classic OnBase Client interface.

To configure this action, do the following:

  1. Select one of the following options to specify a gateway:
    • Specify Gateways —Select to cache the document at one or more specific gateways. From the drop-down provided, select the gateway where the document should be cached. Then, click Add. Repeat for each gateway as needed.

    • Use Mapping Rules Configured for Document Type —Select to cache the document at a gateway based on the Keyword mapping rules configured for the Document Type.

      Rules are configured at the gateway level under Utils | Gateway Caching Server in OnBase Configuration. To configure rules at the Document Type level, select the Document Type under Document | Document Types, then click Gateway, and then click Keyword.

    • Get Gateways from Property Value —Type the document property value that will specify the gateway where the document should be cached. The property bag type can be specified on the Advanced tab.

  2. Select one of the following rendition options:
    • Default Rendition —Select to cache the default rendition of the document.

    • Specific Rendition —Select to cache a specific rendition of the document. Select the appropriate rendition from the corresponding drop-down. Only formats that are able to be cached are available.

  3. Select one of the following revision options:
    • Latest Revision —Select to cache only the latest revision of the document.

    • All Revisions —Select to cache all revisions of the document.