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Gateway Caching Server

Gateway Caching Server
Foundation 23.1

The Hyland Gateway Caching Server installer can be run from an installation CD or a local drive. For upgrades, be sure to uninstall the old application before running the installer.

When run from the command line, the installer must be launched using this command, where [PATH] represents the location of the MSI:

msiexec /i "[PATH]\Hyland Gateway Caching Server.msi"

To control the installer from the command line, you must configure the installation options by applying the properties listed in the following sections. Properties are appended to the command in the format PROPERTY NAME="VALUE".

To make a property empty, set its value to an empty string. For example, to disable impersonation, you would set the property like this on the command line:

msiexec /i "[PATH]\Hyland Gateway Caching Server.msi" IIS_ASPNET_IMPERSONATION=""