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Gateway Caching Server

Gateway Caching Server
Foundation 23.1

Once configured, the Gateway Caching Server allows documents with supported formats to be automatically cached upon first access at gateway locations. Several additional mechanisms are available to help you manage file caching.

Caching on Modification

When documents belonging to specified Document Types are uploaded, revised, or modified, the documents can be automatically cached to specific gateways. This feature ensures users always have access to the latest copy of a document.

Caching on Upload

In the Unity Client, when documents are uploaded at a location where they are configured to be cached, the Gateway Caching Server both uploads the documents and immediately caches the documents locally. The Gateway Caching Server does not need to download documents to the cache after uploading them from the Unity Client.

Keyword Mapping

The gateway can cache documents to specific remote locations according to configured rules. Rules are driven by Document Types, Keyword Values, and the Workflow and Unity API methods.

Document Type Exclusions

Specific Document Types can be configured as excluded from file caching.

Document Expiration

The gateway can automatically update the cache at remote locations when cached documents become stale, or expire. This expiration can occur after a configured period or when the document has been edited, revised, or deleted.

Cache Cleanup

The gateway automatically removes documents from the cache when the documents are deleted from OnBase. The gateway also runs a cleanup process every hour in case the cache ever exceeds its configured maximum size. For more information, see the description of 5.

Core-Based Workflow

Workflow actions can explicitly send a document to one or more remote locations, or it can use the Keyword mapping to resolve the cache destinations.

Unity API

The Unity API can explicitly send a document to a remote location, or it can use the Keyword mapping to resolve the cache destinations.