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Gateway Caching Server

Gateway Caching Server
Foundation 23.1

The Gateway Caching Server is a network component that allows organizations to manage file caching geographically. The Gateway Caching Server provides geographically distant employees fast access to Office documents, PDF documents, and single- and multi-page CAD drawings through the OnBase Unity Client and Web Client.

The following diagram illustrates a configuration where the Gateway Caching Server is installed at three remote locations, while the OnBase Application Server is installed at the company's headquarters in Ohio:

In this example, the OnBase database and disk groups reside in Ohio in the United States. Each remote location has a gateway installed, and each gateway communicates with the system in Ohio. The remote locations can also have other OnBase components such as Web Servers, Web Clients, Unity Clients and even custom Unity-based API applications. All these components communicate with the gateway, which resolves large file requests using a local cache.