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Governance Rules as a Service

Governance Rules as a Service
Foundation 22.1

To view or map Policy Center retention rules:

  1. Open https://[machinename]/GRaaS in a web browser.
  2. Enter your user name and password and click Login.
  3. The home page is displayed:

    If you have cached mappings, your data is displayed automatically. Otherwise, the message No retention rules have been cached. Click Update to download the latest rules from Policy Center. is displayed.

  4. Click Update to display the latest Policy Center retention rules.
  5. To sort the list of Policy Center retention rules, select Document Type ID or Document Type Name from the Sort By drop-down list:
  6. If the Retention Source of a Policy Center retention rule is Keyword Type, the retention rule is mapped to the corresponding OnBase Keyword Type. If the mapped Keyword Type is not associated with the Document Type in OnBase, a drop-down list of all Date and Date & Time Keyword Types associated with the Document Type is displayed:

    If a drop-down list is displayed, a selection must be made before continuing.

  7. Click Save. The configuration changes made using the Retention Connector are propagated to OnBase.