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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

After configuring forms in the Unity Client, you can assign them to a form packet. A single form may belong to one or more packets, and a single packet may consist of one or more forms.

When a user selects a packet to assign to a patient, the Healthcare Form Manager lists all the forms associated with the packet. The user can then choose which forms to include in the packet for the patient.

To add forms to a packet:

  1. Select Medical | Form Packets | Packet Configuration. The Form Packet Configuration dialog is displayed.
  2. Select the packet to add forms to.
  3. Click Forms. The Form Selection dialog is displayed.

    The Available Forms list displays the Unity Forms available to be added to the packet.

  4. Select one or more forms.
  5. Click the Add(>>) button. The forms you selected are added to the Selected Forms list.
  6. Select a form from the Selected Forms list and use the Up or Down buttons to reorder the list. The order of forms in this list determines the order in which a user encounters the forms when completing the packet.

    You do not need to configure the settings accessed using the Settings button. Settings available in the Form Packets - Form Settings dialog box do not apply to forms configured for Clinical Consents.

  7. To designate a form as required, see Designating Required Forms.
  8. Click Close.