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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

For each packet, you can designate specific forms as required. When a user assigns forms in the Healthcare Form Manager, the Available Forms list displays a red asterisk (*) next to any form designated as required for the selected packet.

By configuring a form as required, you are only enabling this visual indicator. Users can successfully assign a packet without including its required forms. For example, users may want to omit a required form that has already been assigned to the patient as part of another packet.

To designate a form as required for a packet:

  1. Select the form from the Selected Forms list in the Form Packet - Form Selection dialog.
  2. Click Settings. The Form Packets - Form Settings dialog is displayed.
  3. Select Required Form.
    The remaining options in this dialog box do not affect forms configured for Clinical Consents.
  4. Click Save.