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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

The Healthcare Form Manager can be embedded within the following components:

  • An ASP.NET application

  • A regular browser window or tab

  • A browser control within a Windows forms dialog box (Internet Explorer only)

  • A custom web page using an iframe, provided the web page resides on the same server as the Healthcare Form Manager application

    For information about frames and iframes, consult an HTML reference.


Within Firefox, iframes always display the Healthcare Form Manager as embedded, even if the Healthcare Form Manager is not configured to be embedded.

To embed the Healthcare Form Manager, do the following:

  1. For a seamless login experience, ensure the Healthcare Form Manager is configured for auto-login.
  2. Ensure the Internet Explorer security settings are set correctly on client workstations. If the domain hosting the Healthcare Form Manager is different from the domain of the client workstations, then the Healthcare Form Manager domain must be added to the Local Intranet zone on the client workstations.
  3. Create the URL to retrieve documents in the Healthcare Form Manager. The URL must contain the query string parameter isembedded=true. For example:
    https://server/HealthcareFormManager/Login.aspx?acctnum=201& isembedded=true

    For Epic integrations, the isembedded parameter should be added outside the encrypted arg value. For more information, see Epic Integrations.

  4. Configure the host application or web page to display the embedded URL. Web pages that display the Healthcare Form Manager in an iframe must reside on the same server where the Healthcare Form Manager is installed.