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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

By default, the Application Server uses standard Concurrent Client licenses for connections. The virtual directories on an Application Server can be configured to use the Concurrent Client for EMR Integrations license.

The following procedure describes how to configure the Application Server to change its default licensing strategy. It should be used only for virtual directories that support clinical users, so that they can take advantage of the Medical Emergency Concurrent Client license from a high availability perspective.


Back-office OnBase users should not connect to a virtual directory on the Application Server configured with this switch. Doing so will result in over-consumption of the Concurrent Client for EMR Integrations licenses. Perform this procedure only for the virtual directory on the Application Server being used by OnBase medical applications.

  1. Open the Application Server's Web.config file.
  2. Under appSettings, add the following key:
    <add key="MedicalApplicationServer" value="true"/>

    Ensure the value is set to true. Setting the value to false is the same as omitting the key altogether.

  3. Save the file.