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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

.NET remoting allows the Healthcare Form Manager application to use binary over HTTP to communicate with the Application Server. Remoting provides better performance than SOAP and is enabled by default.

You may be unable to use remoting if a firewall needs to inspect the information transmitted between the Application Server and Healthcare Form Manager application.

  1. In the Application Server's Web.config file, ensure that the useRemoting attribute in the Endpoint element is set to true.
  2. In the Healthcare Form Manager application's Web.config file, under Hyland.Services.Client, set the ServiceClientType attribute to Remoting.
  3. In the same element, set the URL to the URL of the service page on the Application Server.
    Ensure .rem is the extension on the service page. For example: <ApplicationServer URL="https://server1/AppServer/service.rem" ServiceClientType="Remoting">.