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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

When the Healthcare Form Manager integrates with Epic, it uses Epic authentication. Epic authentication allows OnBase accounts to be created automatically for Epic users as needed. When an Epic user accesses the Healthcare Form Manager, the user's Epic ID is compared to OnBase user accounts. If the Epic ID matches a user name in OnBase, the Epic user is logged on to OnBase under that user account. If a matching user name is not found, then a new user account is added to the ALL EPIC USERS user group. The Epic ID becomes the new user's name, and a default password is assigned.

This process occurs only if the Epic user is accessing the Healthcare Form Manager with a valid URL. If the URL has been altered, the validation will fail, and the user is not created in OnBase. For Epic integrations, Form Packets URLs use checksums to protect against the automatic creation of unauthorized users.