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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

Modifying the contents of the Healthcare Form Manager or Application Server virtual directory will cause the application to restart. When this occurs, connected users will lose their sessions and their applications will become unresponsive. This behavior occurs because the Healthcare Form Manager and Application Server are ASP.NET Web Applications. ASP.NET detects file changes, including changes to file system attributes and time stamps, and restarts the application if a change is detected.

Unintended application restarts can occur when virus scanning software, backup software, or indexing services access the contents of an application's virtual directory. These processes don't modify the contents of an application's files, but they can modify the files' attributes, which is enough for ASP.NET to restart the application. To properly configure virus scanning, backup software, or indexing service software, follow these guidelines:

  • Exclude both the Healthcare Form Manager and Application Server virtual directories and the ASP.NET Temporary Files directory from antivirus, backup, or indexing service scanning. The ASP.NET Temporary Files directory is C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Temporary ASP.NET Files.

    If these files are scanned by antivirus, backup, or indexing software, IIS will restart the application pool for the OnBase application. When an application pool restarts, all existing OnBase sessions are reset, causing errors for connected users.

  • Real-time scanning of script execution, which is available in some antivirus software, should only be engaged according to the software manufacturer's instructions. Some manufacturers do not intend this functionality to be used on servers.

Consult your antivirus software's documentation for other recommended settings for web servers. Ensure that any virus scanning changes will not be overwritten by the automatic policy settings configured for your network.