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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

This version of OnBase has additional upgrade considerations when you upgrade from one of the following earlier versions:

  • Any release prior to 18 SP 2

  • Foundation EP3, prior to Patch 24

If your solution requires checksum validation for Healthcare Form Manager URLs, you are now required to configure a unique checksum key value which is used to validate the checksum value in the URL.

If your solution did not previously use a unique string value for checksum validation, you must take additional action in order for previously created Healthcare Form Manager URLs to be valid. You can set the EnableLegacyChecksumFallback setting in the Healthcare Form Manager web.config file to true to validate checksums using the legacy method. This should be considered a temporary method of validating legacy checksums until you can re-create and replace the existing URLs using a unique string value as the checksum key.

If your solution was already using a unique string value for checksum validation, then Healthcare Form Manager URLs that were created before the upgrade will continue to be valid with no additional action needed.