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Healthcare Form Manager

Healthcare Form Manager
Foundation 22.1

The following should be considered with regard to server machines hosting the Healthcare Form Manager:

  • Back up the Healthcare Form Manager Web.config file. The backup copy can be referenced when updating specific settings for the new version of OnBase.

  • Note the authentication settings for the Web application in IIS.

  • Note the settings for the Healthcare Form Manager application pool in IIS.

  • As of OnBase Foundation EP3, if the Healthcare Form Manager is integrated with Epic, then Epic encryption settings must be configured in OnBase Configuration as described in the Integration for Epic module reference guide. The PopChecksumKey and EpicAuthenticationType settings are no longer used.

  • As of OnBase 18, the Healthcare Form Manager requires a 64-bit application pool. When upgrading to OnBase 18 or later, ensure the Enable 32-Bit Applications setting is False for the Healthcare Form Manager application pool (Advanced Settings).